Billie Holiday – Supervized by Norman Granz


Format: 1xLP / Album

Vinyl 180gr


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Track listing
A side
“Love for Sale” (Cole Porter) – 2:56
“Moonglow” (Eddie DeLange, Will Hudson, Irving Mills) – 2:58
“Everything I Have Is Yours” (Harold Adamson, Burton Lane) – 3:43
“If the Moon Turns Green” (George Cates, Bernie Hanighen) – 2:46
B side
“Autumn in New York” (Vernon Duke) – 3:43
“How Deep Is the Ocean?” (Irving Berlin) – 3:00
“What a Little Moonlight Can Do” (Harry M. Woods) – 3:14
“I Cried for You” (Gus Arnheim, Arthur Freed, Abe Lyman) – 2:27