Born Under the Sign of Jazz [With 70+ Minutes of Private Recordings]



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Since 1953, Randi Hultin’s home – Gartnerveien – has been a focus for countless jazz musicians all over the world. Some have come to participate in jam sessions, others have stayed during tours of Scandinavia. Born Under The Sign of Jazz is a chronicle of these visits and captures off-duty some of the greatest musicians of our time. Revered by thousands all over the world, in Randi’s home their human side shines: their personal likes and dislikes, their sense of humour. They relax with their families, they doodle, they compose and jam. But Randi’s dedication was far-sighted, and she captured these unique moments on tape. This stunning music, recorded during the private jam sessions at Gartnerveien, can be heard now for the first time on the CD which accompanies this book.