Προβολή όλων των 9 αποτελεσμάτων

  • REVEREND – Buckshot Midnight Black

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    Buckshot This guitar is all about the pickups. The Greasy T at the bridge delivers fat tone with bite and a percussive attack. The Revtron at the neck puts out a full, warm tone, but it’s a bit leaner than a full-sized humbucker. We positioned it slightly farther from the neck to better match the […]

  • REVEREND Decision BASS

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        CUSTOM PICKUPS We design our own proprietary custom pickups, to achieve the best tonal match with our instruments. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching. FIVE-PIECE ROASTED MAPLE NECK Roasted Maple is heat treated at over 300° F to remove sugars, moisture, and impurities. […]

  • REVEREND Mike Watt Wattplower

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    It all started for Mike Watt in San Pedro, California. That’s where he met D. Boon and George Hurley – who would later form The Minutemen – a band that would inspire legions. Watt went on to form fIREHOSE and to play bass for punk royalty, The Stooges, as well as hundreds of solo projects […]

  • REVEREND Dub King

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    The Dub King produces the thick, deep tone you’d expect from a short scale neck and semi-hollow body. But unlike most basses of this type, it has excellent clarity and sustain thanks to the five-piece neck and lock down bridge. You can even solo the Split Brick neck pickup for super deep thump, and the […]

  • Reverend Mercalli4 Copper Fire Bass

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    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Mercalli. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain!   Mercalli 4 Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Mercalli. The innovative passive […]

  • Reverend Billy Corgan Signature

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    Billy Corgan Signature When you set out to do something this epic, you don’t repeat yourself. A fresh design with classic and modern elements that come together in a unique way. The raised center section with thinner wings and strategic chambers under the pickguard add resonance and reduce weight, while a string-thru body bridge provides […]

  • Reverend Double Agent W

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    Double Agent W Trans Black Flame Maple Have you ever wanted the power and girth of a bridge humbucker, and the sweet/bluesy tone of a neck P-90 in one axe? Then this is your guitar. The two pickups complement each other perfectly, allowing you to switch seamlessly between two different tonal characters without losing volume […]

  • Reverend Double Agent OG 20th Anniversary

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    Double Agent OG 20th Anniversary Legend has it, that it all started in 1997, with Joe Naylor, alone in a shop behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit. Now, we’ve grown to a bone fide headquarters in sunny Toledo, Ohio with several employees. For the 20th Anniversary, we are releasing special 20th Anniversary versions of […]

  • Reverend Club King 290

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    Club King 290 Are you looking for acoustic overtones of a full-size semi-hollow, but with extra clarity and spank, all in a bolt-on sized package? Routed from the top, one slab of Korina creates the back and sides of each Club King 290, and a solid Spruce top caps it. P-90s add just the right […]